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What do successful technology companies like Adobe, Cisco, and Intel have in common?  Like many high-tech players, these three are under constant competitive pressure...their product lifecycles are shrinking...while customer (and investor) expectations are growing.  High-tech companies must therefore improve current product offerings, yet also introduce new "breakthrough" products and services.  This is no easy task.

EVEREST Advisory Group can help.  How?  By helping high-tech companies define and implement stronger, more successful 9-Point Market Strategies. Based in Palo Alto (Calif.), our marketing strategy consulting firm is focused on one result — for our clients to win in tough, fast-moving marketplaces.  EVEREST's training workshops and consulting help these companies define the most effective marketing strategy for:

new products scheduled for launch in the next 6 to 18 months
established products that are not currently achieving
  market share and profit objectives

During the past 10 years, 175 product launch teams and over 10,000 other Marketing and R&D professionals have benefited from EVEREST's highly-rated workshops and consulting sessions.  Here is the rest of the story:

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